Yes, yes it is…  One million points of awesome to Leon for being the proud wearer of this shunga tattoo!

Exciting news!  So our new website is up, we’re still adding things to it, and I now have an @$$ load of commentary to write for the tattoos.  The up side is that it’s something that I enjoy, so no eye-rolling or heavy-sighing there.

In the process of revamping the website, we thought that the blog was definitely a good thing to add- another way for clients to keep track of the shop and for future clients to get a glimpse into the jalopy that is my mind.  (I leave Sue out of this because her mind is not a jalopy, but a purring, well-tuned machine of organization and occasional revanchist memory- she’s able to remember when it was  that I last forgot to change the litter.)

So now that we have the blog, what else can we do?  I’ve resisted setting up a Facebook or Myspace page for the shop because a) Like I need another thing to do, and 2) Isn’t that what the website is for?  The internet is getting to be a weird place, and I don’t want to go rushing off the cliff of another vogue only to wish that I didn’t have to maintain my facelinkedtwitterspace that’s being filled with messages promising to add inches to my friendster or to get cheap meds from Canada.

And what would you all out there get from our larger cyber-presence?  I mean, I have no delusions about how interesting this is- I would say only “marginally interesting” to clients and friends.  But a Twitter feed?  I don’t even like my brain’s own twitter feed to myself- I couldn’t imagine what meager interest a tattoo shop’s twitter would hold for you.

Want to read my brain’s twitter feed to me (its only follower)?

“hey, dumb @$$, get up.  lolz.”

“Arrrrrrgh… okay- I’m up.  Huh?”

“go pee b4 I pwn u.”

“I hate you, brain.”

“ur jus jelly cuz im ur br41n- rofl.”

“Why are your tweets reading like a 14-year-old’s text messages?”

“imho, ur ghey- get sum cloze 0n…  lmao.”

“This is going to be a long day…”

“w00t- now i can haz eggsandwichez!”

Just the tip…

January 22, 2010


Well, hello there.

Do you want to start?

Haven’t we started?

I hate this game…okay, I’ll start.  So this week, on Wednesday, my client Bob gave Sue half my tip. That’s how my week started, people, and here I am reminded of one of life’s important lessons: you might be talented, but if you’re beautiful, people want to give you free money.  I’m going to start a liposuction and botox collection fund.  Or is it Boy-tox for dudes?

Hey, now, that had nothing to do with my curly locks! I think he just recognized hard work when he saw it. Or perhaps it was the fact that I’m in charge of the call list for cancellations…  Actually, I think he may have referenced something about our earlier conversation about shampoo… specifically the fact that I have a bottle of shampoo in our shower that is 25 years old.  So, in a way, I gues it WAS about my curly locks after all!  I stand corrected!

You know those scenes in the movies where the husband slips the maitre d’ a $100 for the fine dining table? This is that scene… which means I am… the fine dining table?  I believe the phrase “eat me” comes to mind.

I like to think of you as the delicious main course.

This is not going in the blog!

HA!  Too much?

You need to keep your womanly innuendo out of the blog (and by “innuendo,” I don’t mean suppositories).

Nice, Tran, nice.  You keep it classy!

Yeah, but now it’s kind of funny…

What else can we tell the nice people out there about?

Let’s see… the week in review… there was the super cool painting from Carter and Ashley that their one-year-old son painted.  Very Pollock.

Right! I should mention that I got a tip from a 1-year-old…  and thankfully, I did NOT have to share it with Sue.  Note here that children are very quick to see the justice in giving the tip to the person doing the actual work.

A pretty kick-ass tip at that!  (Can I say “kick-ass” on the interweb?)  We should totally save it – it might be worth something one day.

All this talk of tipping (not just a city in China) makes me think that we sound like we expect a tip from our clients… and let me say that this is definitely not the case. At all.  Sue, back me up.

I was just about to say the same. Not to dwell on the tip thing, but I think my favorite tip of all was the plate of meatballs. Although the Italian subs were pretty great, too. And all that pie! Oh, oh! And the handcrafted snowglobe!  But I digress. In all seriousness, the best tip of all is when clients come in with a smile and maybe some good conversation.  Well, that and the ability to sit still.

No ball-busting, please.  Can I say “ball-busting”?  I fear your mom will not approve.

Sure – you can say “ball-busting” on TV, so I think it’s acceptable here. Mom, if you object, let us know.

Depends on the network and the show. God knows, you can say a LOT on Jersey Shore. But I’m not inclined to make our shop like Jersey Shore… unless I can be Snooki. Or Phooki, as it were.

Can I be Sue-wow?  I’m scrappy!

Sure… That’s pretty catchy. Catchy like herpes…. How about Susie T?  Scrappy T?  Sue- whoa?

Scrappy T? No way… that sounds like a Scooby Doo character.

Or Sue-woe.  Hahahahahaha…

Funny, Tran.

I think this is enough of this so-called blogging for today…  Anything else?

I don’t think so, except to say that we have a pretty fun weekend of projects ahead.

Right… a big old dragon across a client’s back/scar, and finishing Leon’s underarm… what else?

You’ll also be finishing a great cover-up that you started in December and spending some quality time with Josh (and his poor ribs) on Sunday afternoon. Gee, can we post an image of Leon’s finished piece on the blog next week or is that too R-rated?

No, I think we can post it… stay tuned, folks, for a photo of Leon’s shunga tattoo…  And if you haven’t watched the trailers for the new Clash of the Titans or Tron movie, fire up that internet and get on it.  They look kick-ass. I might just change my last name to Tron…

Hello, 2010!

January 14, 2010

Happy New Year to everyone out there in cyberspace!  So here we are in Tsunami land, still waiting on the website.  Our web guy is working hard on it (that’s what she said), and we’re not inclined to annoy him, so we’re just patiently waiting (as we know you are, too).  We’ve glimpsed bits and scraps of it, and it looks like it will be an exciting departure from the old one- this blog thing being part of that departure.

So one of the things that we thought long and hard about (that’s what she said) was what we wanted to write about on the blog, how we wanted to write about it, and who would do the writing.  You might not know this, but Sue and I are a little OCD when it comes to writing, style, usage, grammar, punctuation, etc.  That’s not to say that it’s all perfect and flawless, but I did just read Mark Garvey’s book on The Elements of Style over vacation (and we both own second, third, and fourth editions of Strunk and White).  And before you think that I’m getting on some high horse, let me say from my Tony the Pony that I am not a judger, hater, or grammar maven.  Neither of us sits in judgment of others’ writing- only our own.  Omit needless words, as Strunk and White say.

Our hope is that the blog will give you a different perspective on the shop, on how we work, on the things that we value, and on the mission of the shop.  Not to get all corporate on you, but we’ve been talking for a while on coming up with a mission statement for the shop.  This just might be the year.  I know that it seems self-indulgent for a tattoo shop to need a mission statement, but from time to time, it’s important to state your position.  And you can state your position through the mission.  Call it the missionary position.  That’s what she said.

On that note, I tattooed our friend and fellow tattooer Albie Rock last week.  Albie was celebrating his birthday and 10th year of tattooing, and he asked me what my goals were for tattooing.  It was fun to answer that on the fly (that’s also what she said), and I made some crap up about continuing to try to tattoo better, push myself artistically, and grow as an individual.

So here’s to 2010: a year of growing myself and knowing myself. This is the year of the tiger. The ear of the tiger? No… the EYE of the Tiger, of course. The I of the Tiger.