As time goes by…

June 28, 2010

Whoo- it’s been a while.  How are you guys doing?  You look good.  Working out a little?

So we’ve blasted into summer hours- that’s exciting.  And with summer hours, it means that I am tattooing and drawing my heiney off (and also looking up the spelling of heiney).  I thought it might be “hiney” or “hinie” or “heinie”, but Urban Dictionary tells me that my first instinct was right.  I have a feeling for heineys.  (You knew that joke was coming (no sexy).)

So in response to Sue’s post about getting tattooed and not getting tattooed, I was feeling a little reflective on all the tattoos that I have, who did them, and when.  It’s been a LONG and bumpy road of tat-blasting, teeth-gritting, and decision-making, but it’s all documented on my skin.  I thought I might post pictures of all my tattoos, but it’s kind of private, and I’d be happy to show you in person- that’s what real life is for, right?  Life, the brand for which there is no substitute (not even the interweb).

So here is a mostly complete (and probably inaccurate) list of who has tattooed me and when it happened (more or less).  I’ll do my best to get it in chronological order.

1995- Li’l Dan tattoos a dragon head on my chest and kanji on my sternum.  Ouch.

1995- Steven Huie tattoos a foo lion on my ribs.

1996- Steven Huie tattoos an entire half sleeve on my left arm in one, twelve-hour session.

1996- Mike at Papillon Tattoo tattoos some bamboo on my arm that I drew up myself.

1997- Steven Huie finishes my left sleeve.

1997- Chris Garver starts my back with a Maha Kala.

1998- Josh Everett tattoos a foo lion the top of my upper right arm.

1998- Mariano Castiglioni tattoos an oni mask on my right forearm.

1998- Chris Garver tattoos a green dragon on the rest of my right forearm.

1999- Anil Gupta tattoos  a garuda on the front of my collar bone.

1999- Denise De La Cerda tattoos Miss Fortune on my right calf.

1999- Kaz tattoos my right shin with a hannya mask.

2000- Steven Huie tattoos stars on my shoulders.

2000-2002 Chris Garver chips away at finishing my back, starting a green Tara.

2002- Tsukasa (from Three Tides in Osaka) does my left chest panel- a black dragon.

2002- Needles tattoos my lower ankle with a red skull.

2003- Needles tattoos Princess Leia on my left calf.

2004- Steven Huie finishes my right chest panel with some background.

2004- Mike Rubendall tattoos a red hannya mask on my left shin.

2004- Khristian Bennett tattoos the inside of my lip with the Latin phrase vivamus.

2005(?)- Chris Dingwell tattoos a bonji and mala beads around my neck and wrists.

2006- Steve Boltz tattoos a rabbit head on my leg at the Boston Tattoo convention.

2006- Chris Dingwell tattoos a portrait of my grandfather on my ribs.

2006-Chris O’Donnell tattoos a peony on the underside of my right arm.

2007- Brenda Rowe tattoos a portrait of Rocky on my left foot.

2008- Mike Rubendall tattoos a dragon head on my entire stomach.

So I think I have two large projects left for myself- outside of my left thigh and inside my left thigh.  What’ll it be, you ask?  We’ll all just have to wait and see (myself included).

Speaking of Brendan Rowe: here’s us this past weekend, adding some final elements (it’s never really finished) to his backpiece that I “finished” in 2006.  Brendan’s an awesome tattooer who is killing it in LA, so if you’re ever out there, stop by and say hello to him at Unbreakable Tattoo.  Also below, a schmear of some tat-jobs that I’ve been doing- including a portrait of Wild Bill Hickok!