Water ya deaf?

August 27, 2010

So… no news is still good news, right?  Even though I haven’t tattooed for almost two weeks, it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t sitting on some hot tattooey goodness that I wanted to share (note that this is not my cyber version of poo-dollar).  So during the last week that I tattooed, my friend Josh came to town from Woodstock, NY.  Josh already has 3/4 sleeves, and he wanted to take it all the way- full Monty, as it were.  So the week before, I started calling clients to see if they could swap, if they’d be willing to move their appointments, come in on my day off- ANYTHING– so that I could tattoo Josh.






Goose egg.

So on Thursday, guess who tattooed their regular day (10:00am to 7:00pm) and then tattooed some more until 11:30pm?  Did I ever tell how much I love to work hard? So hard.

SO here are the results of that Spartan-blasting, tat-slaughter at Thermopylae session that took me to the edge of blindness…  The peony is stenciled and the background was free-handed.

Also that week, I finished C.R.’s arm after two years!  The banner that says Henry James is not Henry James, the author and overlord of the American novel (brother to philosopher William James) but C.R.’s son.  On a side note, my favorite Henry James’ quote comes from the Golden Bowl (not Golden Bowel, for you poo-dollar playas):

“Look!  Look!” She seemed to see him hear her say.

Try unraveling that little nugget of byzantine prose.

For good measure (and for street cred with pirates) we added a sunken ghost ship on the inside of his arm.

And just to ensure that I ended the summer with a splash (pun intended) and a bang (no sexy), I tattooed this client from Montreal – stenciled flowers, free-handed background.

I know you didn’t think that I would blog or had anything worth blogging about, but there you go.  Keep your expectations low and your standards high…

Baby got back

August 7, 2010

I wasn’t planning on posting again this week, but I just finished a backpiece that I started two years ago, and it’s such a long process in finishing a backpiece that I thought I’d share it with you all.  Before we started the project, there were some existing kanji and a huge piece of tribal down the center of the back.  Here’s the before photo.

P. Backpiece - Before

P. Backpiece - Before

P. Backpiece - Stage One

P. Backpiece - Stage One

As you can see from the second, in-progress picture, for larger tattoos I tend to stencil part of the tattoo and free-hand the rest because the flow is so much better.  My client, P., was really great in trusting the process even though all she saw was a drawing of the phoenix’s body- no tail, no background, no flowers. P. wanted to keep the kanji but cover up the tribal, so there’s some modestly placed leaves positioned to cover up the tribal as well as we could. With a large scale project like this, it’s not as paramount to completely obliterate the old tattoo since the rest of the backpiece commands your attention.  And because she wanted a phoenix to be worked around the existing kanji, there were a limited number of places where we could position the phoenix without majorly disrupting the wings, body, or neck. And here’s the finished piece:

P. Backpicece - Final

P. Backpicece - Final

Also, a few months ago, I posted a 50’s sci-fi astronaut that I did.  Here’s the finished arm with space, stars, an asteroid belt, a UFO, etc.

Space Sleeve - Astronaut

Space Sleeve - Astronaut

Space Sleeve - UFO

Space Sleeve - UFO

I’m hoping that this sleeve will be proof positive to the aliens that I am on their side (sorry humanity, but you’re fucked, and I’m going with the winners).  I’m sure that you guys read what Stephen Hawking said about our planet meeting extra terrestrial life in a recent interview.  In short, he said, “We’re fucked.”  Okay, maybe those weren’t his words exactly, but they were pretty much along those lines.  “(In vocoder voice) Humanity’s orifices will be carnally violated by the fleshy protuberance of interstellar species.”  My solution: show them aliens that I’m totally on their side because… I’ve been decorating the humans to make them feel like home. Ta-da!

(SceneApocalyptic Alien Invasion of Earth)

Alien: Grab that screaming Asian nerd with tattoos!

Phuc: Wait! Wait! Look at this space-themed sleeve that I did for you guys! WELCOME to Earth, broseph!

Alien: What the…!  Heeeeeyyy….  That’s pretty nice!  Okay, Zorg, we’ll take it easy on him.  Anal probe only.

Phuc:  Take Snooki!  TAKE SNOOOOKI!!!!

And in the event that we are invaded not by aliens but by the Galactic Empire, here’s the third Star Wars sleeve that I’m working on.  I just chipped away on the Hoth scene, and yes, I know that Luke was not on the tauntaun when the AT-AT’s attacked, but it makes a cooler tattoo that way.



(Scene:  Imperial Troops’ Invasion of Earth)

Vader:  Grab that screaming Asian nerd with tattoos!

Phuc:  WAIT…  my anus still hurts… and I just did these sweet Star Wars sleeves.  I’M ON YOUR SIDE fer crissakes!  Welcome, Lord Vader!

Vader:  Heeeeeeey… (wheeze)…  Those look… (wheeze)… Impressive.  Most impressive… (wheeze)…  Get the anal probot.

Phuc:  WHAT THE…?!?!

George Lucas:  And here’s a copyright lawsuit from my lawyers!

So if you haven’t been in the shop in a while, you’re probably a little out of the loop.  Let me fill you in on the latest.

We’ll be closed for the end of August and closed for all of September.

Some of you more cynical readers out there might think that we’re taking time off to relax, and to that, I say, “You don’t even know me.”  My dictionary does not contain the word “relax.”  I tried to look it up once to see what it meant, and there was just a charred bit of paper, wedged in between “relator” and “relay” (apparently, all words having to do with relax and relaxation were stricken by the fiery hand of industriousness).  Frankie might say “relax” but Phucy says “Get the hell back to work.”  I think Frankie had the better song, innuendo or not.  Some of the innuendo is not even innuendo (“shoot it in the right direction”) but some of it is just weird (“hit me with your laser beams”).  I think I need to see a schematic drawing of how one does it with a laser beam…

(This leads me to a tangent about Cyndi Lauper and her single “She Bop.”  How on earth is this possibly about female onanism?  Really? And if it is, its subtlety must bypass my Cro-Magnon male brain in such a way that is too delicate to perceive.  I mean, it’s not the Divinyl’s “I Touch Myself”- not by a LONG shot- but throw me a bone here, Cyndi (pun intended).)

So back to why we’re closed for September.  Sue’s having a baby!  And from what I gather, our lives are about to be turned upside down and inside out, so I thought I would spare my customers from the cranky, sleep deprived Phuc for a month until I figure out how to change a diaper and what the difference between a boppy, a bumper, and a breast pump is…

I can’t promise that there will be (m)any blog entries in September, but we may surprise you.  But keep those expectations low, and we’ll keep fulfilling them.  We will be back to work in October, and hopefully, back to our semi-irregular blogging ways.

We’ll also be missing the Boston Tattoo Convention this year.  Bummer.  It’ll be the first time that we haven’t done it in seven years, but I’m going to blame the baby again  (I’m already liking this “Pin the Blame on the Baby” game).  Y’all should still check it out this Labor Day weekend, though, since it’s in a new venue and will be four days instead of three- should be great as always.

On another unrelated tangent, we saw Inception for the second time last night, and I think I enjoyed it even more the second time.  About half way through the movie last night, Sue whispered, “I feel like I should be taking notes,” to which I heartily agreed.  And not to spoil any plot points, but I think that the movie is not even about what we think it is; that it’s really about redemption and forgiveness more than it is about what level of dreaming or reality we’re on.

And to drop a few tattoos in here, since this is supposed to be a tattoo blog, here’s a Star Wars sleeve in progress that I’m working on.  I’d like to say that the blemishes on Anakin Skywalker’s face are my client’s arm zits and not holidays in the tattoo.

This hand tattoo is an homage to a guitar product called gorilla snot, which is neither snot nor does it come from gorillas.  The snot is used for guitarists who have hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms), and it keeps the pick from slipping away.  Cyndi Lauper, you might be able to use this product, too.  There’s a blog entry in me some day about why I am really reluctant to tattoo hands or necks and how I feel about young people getting their first tattoos immediately on their hands and necks….  But that’s after I become a dad and can stand on my porch to shake my fist at these kids.

And here’s a lotus with a partial quote from Gandhi.  It’s not often that I get to do one-shot tattoos, so there’s nice bit of instant gratification that I get from it.

We’ll do our best to drop another post, but if we don’t, it’s not because we don’t love you…  And remember, it’s not you, it’s us.