Return of the…

October 5, 2010

Jedi? King? Living Dead? Native?  E) All of the Above!

Thanks for all your patience, patients; I’m sure that the wacky internet, combined with the news cycle, gave you all plenty to do and look at while the Tsunami blog-shaped void in your lives throbbed quietly. I like to think of us as the little chancre that wouldn’t go away- the herpes of tattoo blogs, if you will. Infrequent flare-ups, but always bound to get your attention… Maybe that should be my new business card title.

Speaking of which- holy blogosphere, Batman! Is it me, or are we all blogging now? I keep coming across new blogs from tattoo shops that didn’t have blogs before- that’s cool, eh?  And as much as we all want to be regular and reliable bloggers (reliable like metamucil), it’s hard to be that regular.  This results in a surfeit of defunct blogs- zombie blogs, as it were- the blogs that are lifeless, yet still digitally clambering around in the twilight of undeleted sites and half finished posts. Hopefully, we’ll not become one of those sites, but if we do, I promise you that I will shoot it in the head. No zombie site for us.

This weekend, I worked on Chris and his phoenix three-quarter sleeve that is covering up an old arm-band that he had. Having not tattooed for six weeks, I didn’t overthink the process of tattooing too much. I had thought about how it might feel weird to sit down and do it again, but muscle memory totally kicked in, and it was more automatic than not. You know the scene where Luke turns off his targeting computer? That was me, all right, using the Force.  No worries, though- I do not need to wear a helmet when I’m tattooing.

Looking back through projects from this summer, I came across some simple cherry blossoms that I did- huzzah for less is more.  It’s nice how a simple tattoo like this can be so resonant on its wearer.

And I did this rose on a client’s ribs- first tattoo, of course- because for all you out there following tattoo trends and tattoo zeitgeist, ribs are the new lower back.  Sue bought me an amazing book last Christmas that is all botanical paintings of roses- a great reference book and further proof that she knows the way to my heart: reference books.

Oh, and Phoebe also stopped by the shop this weekend, and it doesn’t look like she likes it!