How did we get to the end of January already?  And I’m sure that you all were wondering where the hell our first 2011 blog entry was, right?  Well, in my defense, this month has been a peculiar alignment of stars and appointments and I’ve been getting killed with a whole slew of new projects.  I blame the new horoscope and that stupid Ophiuchus.  And seriously, Scorpio is only six days long?  Is this part of some new fiscal austerity measures?  If astrology is going to downsize any sign, downsize Gemini!  They’re already two dudes!

Not that I’m complaining about being busy, mind you, but starting several new big projects every week is tough on the drawing hand…  Plus, there are all those Oscar-nominated movies to catch up on!  I mean, how am I going to see all these movies, get these all drawings done, AND stand a fighting chance at our Oscars party?


Oh, and what about those new year’s resolutions?  Although I am not inclined to randomly choose a day once a year to decide to make some big changes, I like the idea.  Sue would agree that when I want to do something (eat better, work out more, learn the piano), I just start it.  That said, if there’s some cultural momentum or pressure behind us all that is a collective push towards empowerment and betterment, why not?  I’m not so ODD (pun intended) that I can’t see a good thing when it’s happening.  So if you didn’t make any resolutions to be better, live better, beat liver, or tear butter, it’s never too late to make those resolutions whether it’s January or May.

After all, today is the first day of the rest of your life.