Boys in the Hood

February 11, 2011

I’m sure that Sue has written off my many New Year’s resolutions as idle threats of productivity, but I’m proving her wrong.  For all of you who have been decrying and lamenting our dearth of merchandise, lament and decry no more.

Tsunami Tattoo hooded sweatshirts are underway.

A graphic designer is laying out the sweatshirt and fixing my chicken scratch design as we speak, and we met with the printers this week.  They were super nice and even gave us samples to take home and wash, just so we could see how the various sweatshirt brands shrunk and fit.  Now that’s customer service!

We’re shooting for sometime in March, so stay tuned.  I would post images of the sweatshirt design, but I want it to be a surprise.  I’m pretty psyched about the design, not because of its dopeness but because of its simplicity.  It’s not a sweatshirt that screams “I’M A TATTOO SWEATSHIRT” but I think it still looks bad-ass.  Also, we’ll be doing two different colored hoodies with different color printing.  Maybe it will have been worth the long wait?  Just keep those expectations low, friends.

And, t-shirts won’t be too far off after the hoodies are complete.  I told you 2011 was going to be a capital year for us!

And filed under “random things that you see on the internets,” here is a video clip that combines my favorite things: stop-motion animation and Joy Division.  It’s worth watching just to see the drummer…

Also, here’s some beautiful time-lapse video of our old stomping grounds…