Act 1, scene 1

Jeremy, long time client, comes into the shop.  He’s hanging out at the counter, and I’m at my station, tattoo  machines buzzing away.

Jeremy:  Hey, can we set up an appointment for my next tattoo?

Phuc:  Absolutely- what do you want to get?

J:  I want to get three raisins in a birch tree.

P:  Right on- black and grey or color?

J:  I think black and grey.

P:  Okay- it’ll be hard to make them look right…  because, you know, they’re so dark.

J:  Aren’t they all black?

P:  Well, I wouldn’t say black- more like purplish black.

J:  Really?  They’re not just all black?

P:  No, I’m pretty sure they’re a dark purple…

J:  Are we talking about the same thing?

(Long pause)

P:  Raisins, right?

J:  Dude, I said RAVENS.  I want three RAVENS in a birch tree.

P:  OOOOOOh…  That makes a lot more sense!

J:  And what the hell?!  You thought I wanted raisins tattooed on my leg and you didn’t even say anything?!?!

P:  Dude, I’ve seen and heard it all- ain’t no damn raisin tattoo gonna win the crazy trophy around here!

Talk is cheap!

June 8, 2011


Happy June to you all!  Some sweet tat-zaps for your eyes…