Talk is cheap.  Finally got my stupid 32-bit camera to talk to my stupid 64-bit computer (thank you, Sue!).  Here are some sweet tat-jobs I’ve been doing…  And in the interest of a more balanced approach to things for 2012, I’d like to bring back the Krampus, the dark side of the force to jolly old St. Nick’s light side.  You can’t have the yin without the yang, right?  You can read about Krampus here  and check out this scary-ass parade (is that hyphen right?  Or is it scary ass-parade?) of Krampuses/Krampi in Austria.

I think this will be our last post of 2011, so thanks for reading and commenting (or just reading and lurking)!  Now that our techno-woes have subsided a bit, I’ll try to get back on posting bi-weekly in the new year.  Please be safe and take the time to enjoy your loved ones this holiday season.  They’re all that really matter- even more than tattoos.