Maybe REM knows something that we don’t? Is it really just coincidence that they’ve decided to call it quits just before the Mayan calendar ends? Methinks not. But Methinks is an idiot, and I don’t listen to him!

Well, here we are folks!  It’s four weeks into 2012, and Sue and I have some HUGE stuff on the burners, but we’re going to wait until it’s official to tell you.

In case you were curious about the backpiece process (I know this might be a little redundant from the previous post), here’s a preliminary sketch that I did for Sean’s back in July.  I took a photo of his bareback (ass and all) and then drew on a printout of the photo.  There was some unsavory hijinks that revolved around that photo of Sean, but it’s not for public consumption.  Ask me about it at the shop, and I’ll tell you the story.  

Based on that first sketch, I did some refined, bigger sketches of the snake and eagle, got rid of some skulls, and added some maple leaves. Sean, by the way, is an eff-ing animal. He gets tattooed like a freakin’ honey badger.  What’s his favorite dinosaur?  The Tatt-a-saurus Rex.  His favorite animal?  The Tats-manian Devil.  His favorite architectural work?  The Tats Mahal.  His favorite superhero?  The Ink-credible Hulk.  His favorite Star Wars planet?  Tattooine.  Yup- that Sean loves him some tattoos.

And here’s a sweet little nerd tat-job that I did on a client- a book tattoo!  Viva le Geek!

And I’ve started writing drafts of some future blog entries on: tattooing celebrities and my two cents on yet more reality tv tattoo shows.  Stay tuned, friends.