Which Craft?

February 19, 2012

Okay, I’ll say it: I don’t hate Inkmaster. Is the name corny? Like it’s on the cob. Are the hysterics a bit thick? Like maple syrup on Bronx booty. Do I dislike the artificial time limits on the tattoos? Like I dislike artificiality of all kinds (except for limbs).  It’s a brief list of critiques, but the show is heading in a good direction.

What do I like, you ask? I like that FINALLY, there’s a conversation about the actual quality of the tattoo. I like that the judges are introducing a vocabulary for the general public to use in talking about the quality of tattooing: line work, shading, colors, etc. I’m so glad that we don’t have to listen to what a tattoo means without talking about the quality and composition of the tattoo.

Could the show be better? Sure, but in this fourth iteration of the reality tattoo show, they’ve begun leaving out a lot of the drama and focusing on the craft; and I welcome this focus on craft, regardless of how blurry the line is between tv and reality.  

Speaking of blurry reality, here are some more sweet tatties for your bleary eyes.  

P.S.  We’re moving the shop.  More on that soon.

It’s tricky!

February 9, 2012

So I’m getting ready to tattoo our friend/client Andrea, who is a massage therapist extraordinaire (if you ever need a massage, she’s the one to do it!). Our appointment is from 4:30pm – 7:30pm, and I’m in the process of setting up my station, and Sue is answering the phone, returning calls, doing all manner of Sue-ness.

Sue then comes over and says, “Hey, I just booked you an appointment at 6:45pm, so you’ll have to stop tattooing Andrea 45 minutes early.”

“What? Why on Earth would you do that?!”

“Well, I just got this call, and I thought you might want to tattoo Dee Emsee’s wife. She’s in Portland, and she wants to get a tattoo before she leaves.”

“I don’t know anyone named Dee Emsee, so why would I want to tattoo his wife much less boot Andrea out 45 minutes early.

“No, no, no. You’re not listening to me. DMC. Like Run DMC. DMC’s wife is in town, and her agent just called to see if she could get a tattoo tonight. It’s really small, so I just made an executive decision.”

“What? Really? No. Really? Really?”

Yup, really. She was as nice as could be, and it wasn’t tricky at all.

Oh, and as far as tattoos on you normal people?  There’s more progress on the Shoki Demon-Queller sleeve, an art nouveau piece (I only see this client once or twice a year!), and a reproduction of an Alice in Wonderland etching.