May 31, 2012

Four-ish weeks in the new place now, and no big surprises (the windows leak when it rains, and I can hear the neighbors talking when I’m pooping in the bathroom which leads me to believe that they can hear me pooping when they’re talking).  I recently saw one of the building’s tenants wearing this shirt while walking his daughter to the playground…  

Working in the new space feels like trying to cook in someone else’s kitchen.  All the tools are right but they’re all in the wrong places.  Thankfully, I’ve got a myopic focus once I have a tattoo machine in my hand and a stencil in front of me.

Here are some in progress sleeves that I’ve got going- weirdly, these three are all on the basically the same schedule.  I think I should have these guys go bowling or something.  And here’s a nearly-finished chest piece that just needs a few more little flowers across the top (I didn’t do the bee or the big poppy on the right).



“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  It’s our hope that even in the big changes that are happening at our shop, we will continue to offer top-notch tattooing and customer service.  You guys, the customers, are the only reason that we’re here and we’re ever appreciative and grateful to you for your support.

Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday to celebrate the new shop with us!  We’re really excited about the new space, the new vibe, and (hopefully) the new tattooers who may join us in the future.

I can’t help feeling a little ambivalent about this new growth, especially when I look back at our humble beginnings in our original, scrappy 400 sqf. space, compared to our luxurious, 1200 sqf. behemoth of a battle station.  It feels like I went from being part of the rebellion to growing into the Empire…  Hopefully no one will electrocute me and hurl me down the core reactor (Sue, I’m talking to you).

There’s a long list of people who deserve extra special thanks because we couldn’t have done it without them…  Les (and his cousin Bill) for doing the carpentry work, working with us in realizing our vision for the shop.  Ryan and Joe for the additional carpentry and electrical work that needed to be done.  Darien for painting the whole thing, dealing with the renovation falling behind, and project managing all the random people who were coming and going (“Oh, it’s you again.”)  Stacy and Jen at 3c32 for being the midwives to the re-design of our materials (stickers, cards, shirts); CR, Jason, and Rob for helping with the move and not breaking anything.  Dandelion Catering for providing us with an amazing spread.  Special thanks to Mooncusser Tattoo for sending over some pizzas, and to Jim and Tracey from Lucky Soul Tattoo in Connecticut for canceling appointments and making the drive up here to celebrate until 2:00am!

Matty Taylor (one half of the DJ duo Atomik) gets the MVP award.  Matty packed up the old shop pretty much by himself, unpacked the new shop, cleaned, scraped paint, vacuumed, swept, dusted, ran errands, took out the trash, etc.  With our parental duties and unending work schedules, Matty was integral to our getting everything done.

Now that we’ve officially unveiled the shop, here are some photos of the shop, new t-shirts (Sarnath, not Sarlacc, in the hizzy!), and new stickers.  If you open the first, panorama photo in a separate window, you can see a pretty big, 360 degree view of the new shop!