Look at me posting a quick blog entry just to get a cheap second entry right before the month closes out.  In my defense, we have been on the road for two weeks in July, and that just doesn’t leave a lot of time for quality blogging.  Nobody wants low quality blogging with dry prose and lots of typos.  Plus, we’re moving Cyndi and Mike in this coming week, so there’s been lots of moving furniture around.

I will definitely post more detailed recaps of my time at Mooncusser and Hidden Hand, but suffice it to say that I had a great, great time on both coasts.  In the last two weeks, I saw a whale, I jumped off a boat, I got my Achilles heel tattooed (definitely a weakness), saw a drunk guy assault a lady bartender (we stepped in), played poo-dollar, and tattooed a sweet Grommet picture on a walk-in.  It’s been a wild ride, and I want to do both coasts justice with longer blog entries with photos.

While I was at Hidden Hand, I had this funny conversation with Charlie, a wild, rock n’ roll tattooer.  She’s kind of like if Pat Benatar had a three-way baby with Keith Richards and Lemmy.  So while we were hanging out, Charlie asked, “So where are your neck and hand tattoos?”


“You know, where are you neck and hand tattoos?  You gotta have neck and hand pieces!  Come on!”

“Ahhhh…. you know, I don’t know what I’d really want…  Uh…. Yeah.”  She was, of course, busting balls, but I was still really surprised by her expectation that I was supposed to have neck and hand pieces.  My friend Rus (hilarious commentary on his tattoos, btw) and I were talking about how “kids” these days get their neck and hands tattooed FIRST.  Jeff at Hidden Hand and I talked about this, too, in Seattle, and he called this look the “hard in a hoodie” look (aka, I look really badass if I’m wearing a hoodie); Rus called it the Warp Tour Body Suit (again, looking heavily tattooed with a hoodie on).  In either case, it what does signify?  The desire to appear heavily tattooed without actually being heavily tattooed.  No sleeves?  No back piece?  No problem- just do your hands and neck first and then you’ll look immediately bad-ass at a fraction of the cost!

Ah, youth.

Here’s a slew of tattoos in various stages of completion:


Big, big, big news!

July 13, 2012

The Tsunami Tattoo team is expanding! We are super excited to announce that beginning August 1st, Cyndi Lou and Mike Rourke, from Portland’s Squid and Whale Tattoo, will be joining Tsunami at our new space on 21 Pleasant Street. Be on the look-out for a full update of our web site with Mike and Cyndi Lou’s bios, portfolios, and details on how to schedule tattoo time with them. And in the meantime, please join us in giving them a warm Tsunami Tattoo welcome!

Here are a few tattoos from Cyndi and Mike (the first five are Cyndi’s and the last five are Mike’s):