Decayed? Decade?

May 20, 2013

The idea of viewing one’s progress in ten year increments is a humbling process.  Making a list of where you’ve been and what you’ve done in a decade can allow you to appreciate the span, scope, and unpredictability of your life’s trajectory.  I remember when I turned 30, I made a short list of the following things for each year in the decade from 20 to 30: girlfriend; job; apartment.  Even with just those three things as the metrics for that list, I was stunned at how much had changed in the intervening decade and how much I did.  For the sake of my former girlfriends, I will not share that list with you.  Let’s just say all’s well that end’s well (I’m talking to you, Sue!).  Imagine what a list would look like if I had written one at 20, looking back on how far I had come from the age of 10 to 20 (not a lot of girlfriends to add to that list)?  That’s some seriously cataclysmic change.

When we first came to Portland, we knew nary a soul and there were five tattoo shops in town (and we were the sixth).  Now there are more than a dozen tattoo shops in Portland, and three of the original six are gone.  It’s an understatement to say that the tattoo industry has/is experiencing seismic changes, and it’s hard to predict how else it will change. 



So we’re rounding the bases for Tsunami Tattoo’s first ten years in Portland.  It’s been really exciting to think about the changes that have happened (three shop build-outs in that time) and the things that have stayed constant (my hilarious jokes and Sue’s poise and beauty (but not her poison beauty)).

In honor of our shop’s impending 10th anniversary celebration (on Friday, July 19th), Sue and I will be posting some blasts-from-the-past photos as a kind of then-and-now retrospective of the shop’s journey.  For me in particular, I’ll be posting photos of drawings and tattoos from the last ten years (starting with tattoos and anecdotes from the very first year we were open).  I’ll do my best not to cringe too much, but I hope you’ll find it comforting how much my work has changed (I’ll forgo the term ‘improved’ since I don’t want to imply that my work from 2003 is bad).  Ten-year-old tattoos aren’t bad- they’re just different …  kind of like those sweet bellbottoms and mullets.  Those aren’t bad, right?  They’re just … different.

And because I missed two blogs in April, here are a bunch of new in-progress photos (and a few finished pics, too).  Special hi-five to my client D for finishing his backpiece in under a year- what a guy and what a project!

Thanks to you all, as always, for reading and tuning in.  Or at least pretending to laugh at my jokes…  It’s the polite thing to do. Hang on to your hats – lots of news coming your way about our 10th anniversary party on Friday, July 19th!