Dog days of summer…

August 13, 2013

A quick update, thank you, and hello from me (Phuc) before I sign off for a bit.  For those of you who haven’t been in the shop in the last, say, nine months, Sue is expecting baby number two.  I try not to say “we” since Sue is the one who has to do all the hard work before, during, and after the birth.  Me?  I’m just watching marathons of “Naked and Afraid” and asking her to keep it down (coincidental TV show title, huh?).

Last week was my last week of regularly scheduled tattooing until the end of September.  As of this writing, there is no baby 2.0 yet, but she (yup, she) could be coming any time, and we thought it would unfair to any clients to have me leap up out of the chair and run off to the hospital mid-tattoo.  (Sorry, folks, I would do that cause it’s my baby, for cheese’s sake.)  Once we have news to report, we’ll be sure to make some sort of announcement on the blog and shop’s FB page.

Here’s what you need to know: until the end of September, Cyndi Lou and Mike will be keeping the shop open by appointment only.

If you’d like to contact them directly, Mike’s email is and Cyndi Lou’s email is

For general inquiries and inquiries for tattooing by me (Phuc), please email  I promise to keep references to myself in the third person to a minimum.  We will be checking email occasionally and will respond as soon as we can.  Thank you in advance for your patience in this regard.

This summer has been a particularly spectacular summer for us- it marked our first full year with Mike and Cyndi Lou on board, our tenth year in Portland, and lots and lots of great projects in various states of completion.  I realize that I haven’t posted ANY photos of anything that I’ve done since June, and here we are in August.  So guess what?  Here comes part one…