September 30, 2014

No, not that “Signs.”

The summer has been a whirlwind of things, and I’ll try to recount some of them in a little bit more detail if time and momentum allow. The truth is that we’ve been so busy living our lives and jobbing our jobs that we haven’t had the time to blog about it. And while that is bad for the three of you who like to read our blog posts (mom, dad, and creepy basement dude), it’s ultimately a good thing, right?

So we didn’t document the summer nor did we blog about all the tattooing and silly things that we did as well as we could have, but we sure as heck had no shortage of things to do.

It’s the equivalent of putting down the iPhone and just being in the moment. I remember in college learning that we had evolved to homo sapiens sapiens, the second sapiens denoting that we (as a species) were engaged in metacognition, trying to understand how we know what we know, etc. It was heady stuff, but now technology has steamrolled over the sapiens and made us homo selfies sapiens. If the internet were any indicator, our species is now primarily concerned with how many likes our latest instagram pictures got or how many followers we have. I’m not leveling a unilateral critique of the internet, but it’s difficult to strike a balance between doing stuff and documenting the stuff that you’re doing (in this case, blogging about it). As a parent, I’m always torn between being with my kids in the moment and thinking about how cute the photo would be of the moment.

The highlight reel of the shop’s summer would include doing my guest spot at Landmark Tattoo in Denver, CO; tattooing; our good friend Bill working at the shop for a few weeks; tattooing; having the whole shop speaking at the Peaks Island Lecture in August; tattooing; the Boston Tattoo Convention; and tattooing.

I read some books; I saw some live music; I went on vacation with my family; I rode my motorcycle; Sue got her motorcycle license; I watched my daughter’s sense of humor grow. I watched my other daughter’s teeth grow. I hit a telephone pole with our car; we had lots of laughs all around.

This fall seems no less full of milestones. Kids going off to school. Friends moving closer. Friends moving away. Friends having babies. Babies growing up.

Here are some tattoo photos of various works in progress and things we saw in Boston, Denver, and beyond.  Big things, little things, beautiful things:  it’s a task to capture it all.

We’ll do our best to write thoughtfully about it when it seems like we have something good to share, but we hope you’ll trust our silence.

The silence is a sign of a life worth living.




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