Sue, here. When my day-job colleague sent me the link to this video that was posted by The Atlantic, I immediately thought, “Really? In this day and age, are there still people who actively hide their tattoos from their family?”

But then I watched it.
And I thought about it.
And then I watched it again.

The short film, created by Bianca Giaever, with help from This American Life and m ss ng p eces, was made for a young woman, named Maggie, who is contemplating “coming out” to her conservative Christian parents as having tattoos. It’s well made, Maggie is very likable, and her story has a great arc with some surprises along the way. I highly recommend it.

In the end, it didn’t leave me thinking so much about hiding tattoos from our parents or loved ones, but instead, I found myself ruminating more on the idea of hiding tattoos from the larger world. What do you think? Are there certain people in your life who don’t know about your tattoos? Are there specific tattoos that you choose to not share with a wide audience? If so, why?